Managed Security Solutions

Nearly half of all network attacks are made against small and medium sized businesses. It’s why we’ve designed a solution, and built an army, to protect your most valuable asset: your business. More than 43% of attacks on networks target SMEs*. Businesses feel the devastating effects of data breaches immediately. The impact of a breach is wide-reaching and is generally a shock to business owners.

CNSsecure provides premium network security services, designed to thwart attacks, both internally and externally by:

  • Protecting valuable data and information;
  • Minimizing disruptions to operations;
  • Preventing spam and other unwanted messages being sent to or from your business;
  • Monitoring your systems 24×365 for potential infiltrations;
  • Enabling your current IT resources to gain more flexibility for fulfilling other missions and objectives;

Don’t think it can happen to your business? Here are three scenarios we’ve seen businesses encounter and why we’ve developed the all-in-one solution for all types of data attacks: 

  • An employee unknowingly introduces an infected device (laptops, external drives, USBs, etc.) to the business network and it crashes the entire system, creating huge losses in time, productivity, and sales.
  • A trojan infiltrates a business that thought they were protected by an anti-virus, potentially dumping valuable trade secrets into the hands of competitors.
  • A rogue employee hacks into the “protected” HR system and uses the information to defraud the company. When the company’s clients find out, consumer trust plummets and the company folds because of unrepairable damage to their reputation.

Take Action BEFORE Your Business is at Risk

Our team is available to assist you every step of the way, allowing you to focus on delivering business to your customers. CNS Secure provides:

  • Fully encrypted, tailored security monitoring of your IT Network infrastructure;
  • Regular and concise reports, providing overview and insight into threats posed and the ac-tions taken;
  • Managed WIFI access services, where you set the limits and boundaries for guests and employees;
  • 24/7/365 real-time options, for monitoring and unlimited firewall policy & authentication.

60% of businesses fail within six months of data breaches**

Using CNSsecure protects your business by:

  • Ensuring your business meets its obligations under National and Provincial privacy legislation (eg. PIPEDA & PIPA) ;
  • Providing protection against potentially permanent and grievous damage to your individual and business reputation;
  • Avoiding costly legal action by avoiding breaches to your network and private information;

Your Dedicated CNSsecure Team

Core Network Solutions Inc. (CNS) is a team of skilled security resources, including in-house, Fortinet Certified, WIFI and Security Industry Certified Professionals.

We offer customized solutions for your business, including compliance reports aiding in achieving numerous standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, FFIEC/GLBA, SOX, HIPAA.  As a full-service company we offer hardware provisioning and deployment, including configuration, upgrades, patch and policy management, backups and restoration, service reporting though our user friendly portal, event and appliance health monitoring, and unlimited support.

 *Source: Small Biz Trends 2016 **Source:, Graham Winfrey, How to protect your company information in the digital age, 2014

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