Offsite Backup

When seeking backup solutions, you want two things: you want the process to be fast, and you want it accommodating to your specific needs. CNSvault is the option that has it all.

  • Rapid recovery. Recover lost folders or files in minutes. Restore failed servers. Meet your recovery time goals. 
  • Flexibility. Recovery comes in different shapes: you may want to retrieve a lost file, recover an entire system, or reboot a server gone down.
  • Multiple problems? We offer multiple fixes.

No matter where the data resides, CNSvault can restore it for you; better yet, it can be replicated into the location (remote or local) of your choice. Our solution also allows recovery of most devices,  physical or virtual. If your primary storage is lost, you can easily access your restored data in our cloud.

Pain-free, Hassle-Free, Adapting to your needs

Our tools and systems can be configured to run sporadic backups or thousands of them, depending on the level of protection you aim for. Your intervention is minimal; you ask, you request, and we do the rest. 

Your data is valuable. Protect it with our hybrid, effective solution. 

Cloud backup for Office 365

Keeping a duplicate of your backup in a separate cloud adds an extra layer of protection. What does your business gain with C2C backup?

  • Easy data restoration
  • Protection against cyber attacks
  • Quick fixes to data corruption, accidental deletions, programmatic errors or, other occurrences.

Our C2C backup:

  • Is User-friendly. Our comprehensive, transparent backup protects every bit of data. The process is clear enough for you to understand backup status. Our flexible method allows users to create distinct policies –per user, type of data, time-related –and our email alerts keep you posted about every step we take. Our storage statistics reports and our granular controls turn management into a pain-free task. You can recover a small piece of info or entire mailboxes anywhere at any time. We help enhance security, but you decide who can do what and when. 
  • Offers granular recovery. Forget about traditional, time-consuming, arduous recuperation processes. Core’s advance technology offers swift and cost-effective recoveries. We provide the ability to recover specific files in seconds from a single backup. Anywhere there’s an internet connection, you can recover a particular item and restore it to the original location, a different one or an entirely different account –particularly crucial in sensitive situations such as the termination of an employee. Think of it as isolating the needle in the haystack in a reduced time and with a minimal footprint on storage resources. 
  • Has enhanced email protection. Get proactive in protecting your business against SPAM, viruses, and any other email-borne threats. We have effective filters, virus scanning processes, URL link protection, reputations checkers, and other tools to shield your business. 
  • Offers unlimited storage and retention and encrypted backup. We go far and beyond a password to safeguard your data. Your backup is always encrypted –even on transit, and there is no limit regarding storage and retention. No hardware, no software. Just peace of mind. 

 If things start to get blurry, our 24/7 technical support is ready and eager to save the day. 

Disaster Recovery As a Service

Your information nourishes your organization; it makes it alive. When the worst hits your business, you have to be confident that your data is safe, available, and retrievable. Core offers the most effective Disaster Recovery while letting you customize the services according to your requirements and your budget. We keep your data safe, but you set the limits. 

When the unexpected happens, your operations do not have to be halted. Everything you need is safely stored in our cloud. 

  • Flexibility. Customize your service levels per your needs. We offer lower setup costs, overhead, and management. Depending on the nature of your organization, our staff will recommend backup parameters, scheduling, and type of configuration.
  • Business Continuity. Keep your processes running smoothly, even when a disaster happens. Reduce financial backlashes from outage times. We protect your historical information and help you reduce data loss. Access our cloud from anywhere at any time. Your data will be available with a few clicks. 
  • Daily checkups and automatic backups. Our staff is dedicated to spot errors and fix them in real-time, with no intervention needed from you. We also run automatic backups and keep your systems running 24/7. 

Interested in learning more, give us a call or drop us a line.