What is CNStech It is a set of managed technology solutions that provides proactive resolutions to keep your business thriving. It includes the management of your desktop, server, storage, and security systems. A full service IT cost-effective solution.

You need Managed IT service if you:

  • Want your business to be monitored and supervised 24/7 to prevent any issues and take quick steps when problems arise
  • Desire to have an accurate budget that includes all operating expenses. To be able to base all calculations on a reliable cost frame.
  • Have regulatory requirements to meet through compliance rules and guides.
  • Have any network security concerns that can lead to a data breach, client dissatisfaction, damage to the tech hardware or, others

No matter the nature of your organization, CNStech helps strategize your ideas and operational plans and turn them into the results you want to see; it is similar to having a virtual IT manager partnering with you. 

 Our Fixed-Cost IT solution allows you to set a defined limit on your technology expenses and make you more competitive and efficient.

CNStech takes a proactive stance to help your business get the most out of the technology you own. This includes security assessment, backup and recovery services, application patching, increase navigation speed, systems updates, disaster prevention, and line of business applications. 

A support structure that understands the particularities of your industry; helps you manage, configure, and control all the aspects of your network. We help you achieve your goals. 

Interested in learning more, give us a call or drop us a line.