Core in the Community

Running 4 a CURE

Two out of five Canadians are expected to develop cancer during their lifetimes, and one out of every four Canadians is expected to die from cancer.

Core Network Solutions Inc. is please to support the Alberta Cancer Foundation in creating opportunities for families through cancer research.

On August 20th 2022 our president, Reid Johnson will be participating in the Black Spur Ultra Marathon. His race consists of three separate segments totalling 54km and 2230 vertical meters (7316 feet).  Part of his journey is an effort to raise funds for the Alberta Cancer Foundation , directly targeting cancer research. Together we can cure cancer!

If you can, please consider pledging, 100% of the funds raised will be directed to #cancerresearch.

A fundraiser in support of

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The Little Warriors Be Brave Ranch

The Be Brave Ranch by Ray LaBonte and Family is a treatment centre focused solely to help children who have been sexually abused, as well as their families. The Be Brave Ranch program (supported by Little Warriors) offers these children a place to heal and increase their chances of growing into healthy adults, and supports both the child and their families in their own environment for a full year.

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Stop Abuse In Families Society

Our founder, Ireen Slater, found herself a single mum of 4 children and decided to go back to school to upgrade her skills in order to gain employment. Having been in an abusive relationship herself, and knowing what the support of friends, colleagues, a great counsellor meant in her life, she tried to find ways to support others in similar situations. She was encouraged to go back to school to do what she had a passion for: social work. While attending a family violence conference, she reached out to a friend in the RCMP and suggested the need for a support group for those dealing with domestic abuse in St Albert.


Not long after that the St Albert Interfaith Council put a call out for a working group to address domestic abuse. Ireen chaired the group that eventually became the Stop Abuse in Families (SAIF) Society, incorporated in 1989.  Ireen started building capacity right away, looking for professionals who could help with the work. Fundraising, finding volunteers to run programs and raising awareness of domestic abuse was the immediate need. Beginning with support groups, teaching courses on family violence and abuse and soon, including youth programs as part of their core offerings, SAIF began to meet the needs of families trying to address the issues related to abuse and to work towards healing. It became evident that prevention was equally as important to break the cycles of abuse and so an education coordinator was added to the team. 


Today, SAIF operates with the same mandate – to support, to educate and to advocate for those who have experienced and/or witnessed family violence and abuse. We’ve grown to include a small clinical team of psychologists and social workers who provide short term counselling; referrals & supports; education programs to support healthy relationships; and a training ground for professionals looking to build their understanding of domestic abuse and violence.

Thanks to Ireen’s vision and dedication, SAIF continues to provide services to local families.