Wireless means more than the architecture of technology and hardware; it means vision. Globally, Wi-FI spots are calculated to grow from 64.2 million to 432.5 million by the end of 2020. It is the number one choice –and one of the top priorities –of large venues, commercial businesses, school campuses, and hotels. 

Wi-Fi represents the capacity of staying connected 24/7 –even when flying across the Atlantic, or eating at a local cafeteria.  As varied as its users, Wi-Fi solutions are manifold. Size, budget, deployment models, and security concerns are a few of the factors to consider. The ultimate goal is to provide top-notch service for LAN users while running a well-integrated network. Both wired and wireless infrastructure should complement each other; serve their specific, critical tasks to ensure prime navigation. 

Despite the evolution of the industry standards, security threats and breaches must be properly asses to protect your business. CORE is prepared to achieve the above and beyond. We offer:

  • No need for onsite tech support (Zero-touch deployment)
  • Management for both your wireless and wired policies
  • Call-to-action tools and effective analytics to attract and engage retail customers
  • 24/7 stable connectivity –no downtime due to maintenance, and multi-gigabit speeds
  • Energy-saving solutions
  • Configuration and control of the wireless network to eliminate risk and protect your information
  • Enhancement of authentication processes

CORE’s formula is intended to comply with Wi-FI requirements of every type of niche or organization while offering security. 

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