On average, projects waste 20% in resources due to poor decision-making. Our team encompasses IT, Security, and network solutions for you to achieve your goals on a project basis. We aim to meet your deadlines, hit cost targets, and reach profit levels. 

With a skillful, efficient, dedicated staff, Core Network Solutions pro provides operational and project services in Western, Canada. 

Wireless Design & Implementation

Wi-Fi has evolved for a nice to have bolt-on, to an essential business service. Mobile applications rely heavily on secure, stable, and bandwidth rich infrastructure. The key to a successful wireless deployment is a solid plan and design. Core Network Solutions has a proven track record of delivering turnkey designs that meet or exceed our client’s requirements.

How do we do it?

  • Software modeling
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Deep understanding of radio wave propagation
  • Pre-deployment site radiation
  • Extensive field experience in
    • Airports
    • Retail
    • Office environments
    • Convention centers

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Wireless Assessments

Improper designs and planning often results in weak Wi-Fi networks and sub-standard application performance. Core Network Solution’s wireless team can assess existing environments and determine the cause of system faults. Following a thorough site visit, reports and recommendations are presented to our clients resulting in a refreshed network delivering performance that meets or exceed the business requirements.

How do we do it?

  •  Real-time modeling
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Physical site assessment
  •  Network analysis

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Network Design and Implementation

Achieving maximum reliability and efficiency is directly related to the design and function of your network. Whether it is a single site LAN or a multi site WAN, utilizing the correct technologies and infrastructure will determine how successful your role out and operation will be.

Not only are you trying to achieve a healthy network, maximum return on investment should be a key goal during your design process. Core Network Solutions can help you choose the right vendors and technologies during the design process to lower setup and operating costs.

Working with your staff, we will identify your needs, goals, limitations and potential challenges that will affect your final design. Understanding these constraints and goals is key to the development of a winning solution. If you require maximum up-time and efficiency we can provide you with a winning solution.

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Network Audits

Your network is much like a living breathing organism, sometimes it will over exert it self, get sick or be less productive than you would like. Auditing your network is the first step in understanding how it functions. This is imperative when the time comes to troubleshoot your network, having this information will help speed up the problem solving process.

Trending is also important, setting baselines to compare your network status too helps you understand how it should operate. Increasing your ability to determine when it is sick and may need attention. Our knowledge of a number of monitoring systems can help implement the right solution for you.

However large or small your network is we can provide you with information and documents to help you understand you network better.

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Network Security Consulting

Securing your business is more than just plugging in widgets and hoping they work. Core Network Solutions will work with your team to determine what potential threats could impact your organization, and develop a strategy to mitigate the risk. With a broad security ecosystem Core can help align appropriate counter measures with your corporate polices and standards.

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